Jordie Guasch
Paint & Fashion


2019 Updates and Etsy Store Launch!

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. I have recently “settled down” from traveling around and now I can refocus my energy back into providing insight from my own painting techniques and life to you!

So, some updates that I have:

  • Instagram Posts: I’m going to be posting every day on my Instagram some work that I have made, mostly sketches.

  • Painting Videos: Thursday I will post a video snippet of my painting process, and hopefully that will translate to posting youtube videos of my painting process. I am still working on a rig that works for me and a video editing program.

  • Blog Posts: I am going to post something on my blog on Sundays before I get into checking my emails for the morning! The categories will be 1) Materials/Tools that I use 2) Techniques 3) Resources

  • Etsy: I just launched my Etsy store! You can find my shop here! I am very excited to be able to make my commission work more readily accessible to my followers so I can help you bring to life your vision!

I am very excited to be back into focusing into what I love doing and keeping everyone updated. I’ll write you guys again on Sunday!