Jordie Guasch
Paint & Fashion


Fashion Art Challenge Update

Hello everyone!

There are 10 more days in October and I am technically finished with all of my submissions so far for the fashion challenge by Studio Veronica. This is the fashion version of of the #Inktober movement. I want to describe this project the reoiling of my art making machine. To be honest, I don’t think I have painted this much since High School. I have had a blast making these pieces and getting able to explore the collections of the designers who showed at this years spring and summer fashion shows in their respective cities.

I still have not uploaded 14 and 15; Valentino and Miu Miu respectively. I have taken a way more minimalist approach to the last two since I spent 10 hours on my Saint Laurent submission.

Please enjoy my work and the progress I have made since the beginning of the month! Stay tuned for the last two pieces. Comment below to let me know which ones have been your favorites.

Xoxo, Jordie